As early cannabis advocates, we helped lay the groundwork for medical cannabis and the evolution to recreational use. No brag, just fact. Okay, a little brag. We’re proud of our history in helping plant the seeds for this growing industry.

7 Point Law is a streamlined team of widely experienced cannabis and business lawyers – not a solo practice, and not a sideline of a large, corporate law firm. We’re the size of practice the industry calls for – fast, flexible and fiercely tenacious as needed.

As you probably know, tiny little sentences in laws, codes, and contracts can blow up in your face. An astute legal guide with a keen mind and sharp nose is essential. Due diligence and vigilant documentation are highly advised. Cannabis laws are combustive and can be harmful if not heeded.

The future of the “cannabiz” is wide open. But naturally, some businesses will get weeded out. Don’t be one of them. Let’s make your business grow.

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