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“The Best cannabis business Attorney. I have been working with Anne van Leynseele for over a year on pending licenses. Throughout this time period there have been many ups and downs, one thing that has remained constant is Anne’s professionalism, diligence, and hard work. In a highly regulated and at times very frustrating industry, Anne has been a steadying force. She has always been available any time of day or night to answer questions or concerns. We have had many conversations on a Saturday or Sunday well passed standard office hours. I have worked with many Attorneys and Anne Van Leynseele is by far the absolute best I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

– by Erik

“Selecting a lawyer is not an easy or simple process. My particular situation required a knowledgeable, competent lawyer who could act quickly on my behalf.

Immediately upon retaining the services of Aaron Pelly, I felt confident I had made the correct choice. Aaron’s initial enthusiasm and attention to detail was very impressive. The effort and energy Aaron committed to my particular case definitely showed through with a positive outcome. In fact, the end result was even better that we had hoped for.

I was extremely satisfied with the legal services I received from Aaron Pelley and would highly recommend him to anyone searching for lawyer who cares about his clients and is dedicated to successful results.”

– by Ian

“Anne is one of the most caring and competent professionals I know in the cannabis industry. She’s passionate about helping license holders succeed, and just an all around awesome person to know. When I need friendly advise, she’s always available and her depth of relevant experience is unparalleled.”

– by Matt, Cofounder @ Green Bits POS

“Anne and Aaron have both been incredibly helpful with my business’s legal matters. They listen and understand our objectives, present us with our available options, and then make a recommendation that’s best aligned with our interests. Very effective, and highly recommended!”

– by Randy C

“We have had the good fortune to enlist to services of the extraordinary Attorney, Aaron Pelley. He guides us through the complicated and “pothole” ridden [cannabis] business. As a licensed Producer-Processor, there have been many occasions where both the cannabis legal expertise and business knowledge of 7 Point Law, has set our business in the right direction. We have avoided many of the pitfalls by having his guidance, legal advice and wisdom. There is no one worth their salt in the Cannabis world that dose not know the name Aaron Pelley. Those of us that have had the resources to hire him, are so much further along than with out his legal edge and brilliance Aaron and his staff keep up with the ever changing rules. compliance regulations and landscape of everything [cannabis] , We whole-heartedly give 7 Point Law our highest recommendation. This is for their ability to handle our legal and business concerns in this new, highly regulated, demanding business.”

– by Leonard

“Clarity, conviction and consideration were all delivered … at just the right time and in the person of Anne van Leynseele. As legacy medical cannabis producers, we were challenged by the transition from our historic to a regulated producer status. Ms van Leynseele helped us to lay past issues to rest and position our firm for the future while honoring our commitment to herbal healing. Her commitment to our mission was on point as she steered us through multiple negotiations and opportunities. Deep Green Extracts would not exist today without her and her team’s timely and sage advice and services.”

– by Cat

“Aaron and his team are great cannabis business lawyers, they helped me every step of the way with my [cannabis] business. Anytime there was an issue or hold up they got it taken care of promptly.”

– by John M

“Strategic Counsel – not just any lawyer! Navigating legal weed successfully takes deeps understanding, the ability to pivot on a dime and respectful relationships. Anne brings those to the table along with legal and practical strategic advice. Including Anne on our team helps me sleep at night with the confidence we are taking the correct steps in our business.”

– by Shawn DeNae

“Aaron and his team are great cannabis business lawyers, they helped me every step of the way with my [cannabis] business.”

– by John L

“Actions speak louder than words and with Anne van Leynseele at 7 Point Law we can completely confirm this truism. She not only takes action, she has remarkable foresight and is very proficient with preparation that is required to take the next steps. As we bring to market our new processing technology we can honestly share that her leadership is one of the main reasons we are on the path of success. She brings integrity and consistency to her trade that we have never seen or felt in our over 40 years of operating other businesses.

Anne van Leynseele is truly a gift to this industry.”

– by Thomas and Pamala

“Aaron is a very honest and competent attorney he goes above and beyond the call of duty. His knowledge of the law is excellent. His most valuable asset is his ability to call you back. When it comes to getting a hold of attorney’s I have sat and waited, and waited, and waited. Not with Aaron it’s always a same day response or sooner. Thanks Aaron”

– by Derek

“Anne is a kind and compassionate attorney that is extremely knowledgeable on [Cannabis Business] matters and can be tough when needed. She listens and advises the best options to consider and why. We consider her an indispensable partner in this complex and fluid business. We always feel that she respects us as persons and partners in this wild west business.”

– by Oly Welke

“I have been working with Aaron for about 4-5 years and he has represented me on a few cases. He has been an amazing help and always there when you need him. In my opinion and the opinion of everyone I’ve ever spoken to that’s worked with him, he is the best or one of the best attorneys in Seattle.”

– by Trek

“Anne has always been there for us with savvy advice and great direction in this challenging and constantly shifting business. She stays completely on top of the goings-on in the industry, and is an active member of the cannabis community. We would recommend Anne to anyone in need of a highly competent and effective cannabis attorney.”

– by Carrie

“Aaron Pelley is a fantastic attorney to work with. He is always courteous and professional. Everything gets done in a timely manner and he has a great ability to explain law in a way anyone can understand. Highly recommended!”

– by Ben L

“I have only positive things to in regards to having Mr. Pelley representing me in my case. He is an extremely knowledgeable Attorney who really knows the ins and outs of the legal system. Mr. Pelley was very straightforward, attentive and accommodating to all my legal needs. In my case he was able to represent me on very short notice and followed thru until I had and very satisfactory resolution. I would highly recommend him without hesitation to friends, family or anyone that needs solid legal counsel.”

– by Former Client

“Mr. Pelley was willing to call back & converse with me on an issue, and was very professional, and extremely helpful. If you need a responsive and attentive attorney, based on my experiences, Aaron is very good.”

– by James

“Aaron Pelley has been a valuable asset to have for me in my cases. He calls back quickly with all the answers I need. He stays on top of all of the important dates. Aaron will jump in to help me with any problem I have, whether it’s a question about the case at hand or another situation I am unsure of. I feel that I can always call him and he will help me however he can. I can count on Aaron to be on my side. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him with any problem no matter how small.”

– by Mike

“Aaron Pelley is a respectable, top notch attorney. I have been working with Aaron for 3 years on various legal matters – with each case Aaron has not only proven his expertise of the law, but also treats me and my cases with integrity and respect. Aaron always responds to assist me anytime I call/email in a timely manner. I feel confident with Aaron representing my best interest. Additionally, Aaron will take time free of charge to speak over matters, that most attorneys would charge for. Aaron Pelley is a fair, knowledgeable steward of the law. I greatly appreciate the professionalism Pelley Law exhibits on my behalf. Aaron and team are fantastic to work with.”

– by Jessika

“Aaron’s professionalism and dependability are two of his greatest qualities. He is quick to respond, personable, intelligent and patient. He consistently took the time to answer many questions with thorough and imperative advice.

As a former employee of a large law firm in Seattle, and being amongst many attorneys, Aaron proved to be the most personable attorney I have encountered.

I highly recommend his services.”

– by Former Client

“I have had to deal with many attorneys being in the music business and have been given some bad counsel at times. Aaron Pelley not only helped me to understand the deals I was entering into but helped me to shape the agreements to work in my favor. He was very professional but also very personable and made the process pretty painless. I’d recommend him to any of my peers and friends.”

– by Former Client

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