Police Continue to Harass Patients

On Monday night, Seattle narcotics officers dressed in full tactical gear and armed with pistols and submachine guns raided the apartment of medical cannabis patient, gulf war veteran, and CDC member Will Laudanski. Will was held to the ground at gunpoint while a K-9 unit searched his small apartment to find his two-plant medical grow.

With the passage of I-75, the citizens of Seattle made clear to law enforcement that cannabis crimes shall be the lowest priority of our police and prosecutors. While city attorney Pete Holmes is living up to his pledge to prosecute no cannabis cases, some individual SPD officers seem to think the law does not apply to them. And while county prosecutor Dan Satterberg has a well-written medical marijuana policy, it is clear that some employees at the county prosecutor’s office do not care about our medical marijuana law. On Wednesday, The Stranger obtained the search warrant for the raid, which was signed off by the same narcotics prosecutor that authorized the 2008 Lifevine raid in Seattle’s University District.

In the end, the swat team left Will with his plants and a jacked up front door. He’s pretty shook up by the whole ordeal, and hopes that speaking out will help put an end to such frightening cannabis raids.

Read the full post here: http://cdc.coop/seattle_medical_cannabis_raid_2010_10_25

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