Restoration of Voting Rights in Washington State

Thanks to the hard work of a number of individuals, and with the tireless pursuit by the Washington ACLU, restoration of voting rights becomes an automatic mechanism, no longer requiring the person to petition the court for restoration. Navigation of courts can be intimidating and complicated. There is no right to an attorney for restoration of voting rights. Some people simply wish to put that part of their history in the past and not ever step foot in a court room. This legislation helps deal with these issues, among others, and makes the restoration automatic. From the ACLU

“The Washington legislature recently passed a law that automatically restores the right to vote to individuals convicted of felonies when they have completed their time in prison and have served any required community custody supervised by the State Department of Corrections. This law took effect on July 26, 2009.”

Congratulations to those that spent their time and energy to make this legislation possible. You can learn more by visiting: ACLU restoration.

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