Washington State Patrol ordered to return 9 ounces of MMJ

From the CDC:

Last Tuesday, a King County judge ordered the Washington State Patrol to
return 9 ounces of medical marijuana to authorized patient Scott Verner.
During a routine traffic stop, a state trooper smelled and seized Mr.
Verner’s cannabis, even though he showed his medical marijuana paperwork
to the officer as required by law. The trooper told Mr. Verner that he was
allowed to use medical marijuana, but not to transport it via automobile.

Congratulations to Aaron Pelley, the attorney on the Verner
case. Aaron made the news last September after winning the return of over
eleven pounds of medical marijuana from the Kent Police.

Undereducated and misinformed law enforcement routinely offer erroneous
legal analyses when arresting medical marijuana patients. Hearing cops say
“I know the law” then proceed to egregiously misquote the law serves only
to increase the sense of fear and helplessness felt by Washington State
medical marijuana patients. The night (or more) in jail only adds to that.

Verner v. King County is the first case in the CDC’s Medical Marijuana
Reclamation Project to be argued in court. Our goal with this project is
to correctly inform errant law enforcement agencies about Washington’s
voter-approved medical marijuana law. If you know of a medical marijuana
patient whose medical marijuana was falsely seized, have them contact us
at [email protected] or 888-208-5332.

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