7 Point Law has been diligently building the best law firm since we began, first, by becoming exceptional trial attorneys. Working extensively in the Cannabis industry we have seen, over time, complex business litigation under the swiftly changing cannabis laws and it has become a core pillar of our firm.

As we grew with the Cannabis industry, we expanded our practice to include — employment disputes, trade mark violations, ownership issues, LLC shareholders’ rights and contract revocations, to name a few. We have the upmost commitment to providing the best service to each client across a wide range of issues.

“They are great cannabis business lawyers! They have guided many of the Cannabis Women’s Alliance members through challenging situations. I value their ability to find good solutions and recommend them without reservation. I’m glad to have 7 Point Law on my side in this highly regulated industry.” —Morgan Kristine

Our team’s extensive trial lawyer experience helps our clients understand the risks of unanticipated contingencies or decisions in transactions of all kinds. At the same time, our experience as business counselors allows us to guide our ongoing clients toward resourceful and creative solutions. Our proactive approach to protecting our clients is sophisticated, aggressive, efficient and confident.

To learn how you can benefit from the vast knowledge of 7 Point Law, contact us today. Our law firm represents professional, corporate and entrepreneurial clients of all sizes and ambitions. Our ability to integrate outstanding litigation strategy with experienced trial skills can make the difference in California’s competitive industry. If you are looking for a Los Angeles attorney that cares as much about your business as you do, call us today.

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Anne van Leynseele is the consummate corporate cannabis lawyer. She views legal issues through a commercial lens and becomes a trusted legal and business advisor to her clients. Her experience includes serving for four years as a federal attorney advisor in Washington D.C. for another highly regulated industry – Health Care law. She has the scars to prove it. Tough as nails, she has a high threshold for pain (triathlons).

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